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Mar. 10, 2019 - The Denver Law Review will soon be accepting submissions for the 2019 Emerging Scholar Award. For details on the award including eligibility, award information, and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

Jan. 9, 2019 - The Denver Law Review is pleased to open registration for our 2019 Symposium, Driven by Data: Empirical Studies in Civil Litigation and Health Law. We have a top-class list of speakers for this year's symposium and we look forward to seeing you there! Register by following this link.

Apr. 4, 2018 - The Denver Law Review is currently accepting submissions for its Recent Developments in the Tenth Circuit issue. For details on the issue and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

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Vol. 97 Emerging Scholar Award: Call for Submissions

The Denver Law Review is pleased to announce the 2019 Emerging Scholar Award submission period.


  • This exclusive publication opportunity is for all scholars who have: (1) received their J.D. as of March 1, 2019; (2) not yet accepted a tenure-track teaching position; and (3) not held full-time teaching positions for more than three years.
  • AWARD:

  • The selected recipient will receive an award of $500 and publication in Issue 1, Volume 97, scheduled for early 2020.

  • We will accept submissions for the Emerging Scholar Award from April 8, 2019, through April 12, 2019. Our Articles Committee will review all submitted articles and respond to authors by April 19, 2019

  • To participate, please email your article and CV to Anna Dykema, Senior Articles Editor, at adykema20@law.du.edu with the subject line “Emerging Scholar Award.” This opportunity is open to articles that were previously submitted to the Denver Law Review, but we kindly ask that you resubmit your articles directly to Anna Dykema in order to be eligible for the Award.
  • Please Note: By submitting your article during the defined entrance period, you agree to accept a binding offer for publication if an offer is extended.

    Information on Past Emerging Scholar Award Recipients

    The Emerging Scholar Award is now in its sixth year. The inaugural winner, Professor Goldburn P. Maynard, Jr., is currently an Assistant Professor at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and notes that the Emerging Scholar Award helped him distinguish himself from other academic candidates. Last year’s winner, David Simson, is currently the Bernard A. and Lenore S. Greenberg Law Review Fellow at UCLA School of Law, where he is gaining teaching experience and publishing scholarship in preparation for the academic job market.

    Now is an optimal time to publish with the Denver Law Review. In recent years, we have featured works by distinguished scholars including Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and Professors Catharine MacKinnon, Kathryn Abrams, Katherine Franke, Evan Lee, and Mark Tushnet. We are excited to honor talented new scholars and look forward to reviewing your submissions.