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Mar. 10, 2019 - The Denver Law Review will soon be accepting submissions for the 2019 Emerging Scholar Award. For details on the award including eligibility, award information, and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

Jan. 9, 2019 - The Denver Law Review is pleased to open registration for our 2019 Symposium, Driven by Data: Empirical Studies in Civil Litigation and Health Law. We have a top-class list of speakers for this year's symposium and we look forward to seeing you there! Register by following this link.

Apr. 4, 2018 - The Denver Law Review is currently accepting submissions for its Recent Developments in the Tenth Circuit issue. For details on the issue and submission instructions, please review this document. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!

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Guilty Minds Neuroscience and Criminal Law Symposium 

On March 4, 2011, the Denver University Law Review hosted a symposium to discuss recent advances in neuroscientific techniques and methods that offer both promise and pitfalls for law. This symposium provided insight into current neuroscientific capabilities, discussed several trends, and highlighted recent and forthcoming developments.

As a follow-up to our symposium, many of our speakers agreed to continue the conversation by posting their powerpoint presentations and articles on our online supplement.

Guilty Minds Symposium Keynote Speaker and Vanderbilt University Professor Owen Jones and Hon. Morris Hoffman would like to share an abstract of their paper, Sorting Guilty Minds, forthcoming later this year. For full bios, click here. For the abstract, please click here.

Ken Murray is currently an Assistant Federal Public Defender with the Capital Habeas Unit, Federal Public Defender for the District of Arizona. For full bio, click here. To view his presentation, Neuroscience and Sentencing, please click here.

ASU Professor Betsy Grey publishes and teaches on issues of tort law, products liability and mass tort litigation, as well as neuroscience and law, and has presented to judicial conferences and other professional groups on these issues. For full bio, click here. To view her presentation, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Moving Beyond the Military Context, please click here.

Dr. Jonathan Brodie, PhD-MD, is the Marvin Stern Professor of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine.  He was a National Institute of Health postdoctoral Fellow in Biochemistry at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, as well as a tenured Professor of Biochemistry at the School of Medicine at SUNY at Buffalo.  For full bio, click here. To view his presentation, please click here for Part I and here for Part II.


Click here for Keynote Owen D. Jones' Working Paper, "Brain Imaging for Legal Thinkers: A Guide for the Perplexed."

Click here for a .pdf version of the symposium information.

Click here for brief biographies of the symposium speakers.

Click here for full audio of the symposium.

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